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Glenpark Pups || hart Rescue

Updated: Oct 23, 2019


I was super lucky this summer to meet and photograph three of hart's amazing dogs out at Glenpark Pet Hotel & Suites. All three dogs were so sweet and so full of energy! We took them out to the big yard so they could really give in to the zoomies! They all had such unique personalities and tons of kisses!


I had so much fun with this sweet girl Nino. I keep a green bacon scented squeeky ball in my camera bag for all my puppy photoshoots and Nino absolutely loved it! We tried liver treats and hot dogs to entice her to give it up, but even that hardly worked. At the end of the shoot I decided to leave her the ball. It made my heart so happy when one of the volunteers told me about how excited she got when she was given the ball.


Kingston is such a handsome boy. It didn't take much to get great shots of him! He was a natural in front of the camera and had so much fun running around the yard. He's got beautiful eyes and is such a sweet soul. He is super loveable, but sometimes doesn't realize just how solid his head is!


I absolutely fell in love with Paisley as soon as I met her. I was told to stand still when she came running at me because she would veer to the side at the last minute. She is such a solid pup who doesn't realize her strength, but has so much love to give! When she finds her furever home, she'll make them the happiest family ever.

It was such a heart warming day for me when I got to meet the three of these pups. They are all so full of love and any of them will make a wonderful addition to whatever family is lucky enough to bring them home.

Check out the hart website for current adoptable dogs and keep an eye out for when these sweethearts are cleared.

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